Question without Notice – Murray Basin Rail Project

  Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) (11:19:03): My question is to the Premier. When referring to cost blowouts in Melbourne infrastructure projects, the Premier said: When given the choice between making this investment or compromising our promise. We’ve chosen to … make the investment, create the jobs, build the … network … we need … Why…


Grievance Debate – Drought

Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) (14:01:53): I rise today to grieve for the drought-affected farmers of Victoria. We have a Premier that made a promise that he would actually govern for all Victorians, and as we have seen in recent times that has not been the case. That promise is about as hollow as the Premier’s…


Question without Notice – Drought

Mr Walsh :  (Murray Plains) (12:13:05): My question is to the Premier. The Premier has been to China more times than he has been to our drought-affected regions since taking office. It is a simple request from these communities in genuine need: why won’t the Premier visit our drought-affected farmers? Mr Richardson interjected. The SPEAKER:…


Questions without Notice – Drought

Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) (12:16:18): Premier, we asked you in February, we asked you in March, we asked you in April and in August, and now I am asking you again: when will you provide assistance to pay shire rates and fixed-water charges to Victoria’s drought-stricken farmers? Members interjecting. The SPEAKER: Order! I will allow the…


Adjournment – Brownport Almonds

Mr Walsh (Murray Plains) (19:00:20): (1121) My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Planning, and it is on behalf of Brownport Almonds Pty Ltd of Hattah, who have written to the Minister for Planning. It is to ask the Minister for Planning to call in Brownport Almonds’ planning application to build a new…


Question without Notice – Millawa Drought

Mr Walsh(Murray Plains) (11:08:44): My question is to the Premier. Farmers in the Millewa region have received less than 10 per cent of their annual rainfall this year, the worst season since the 1944–45 drought. Will the Premier go to the Millewa and meet with farmers there within the next two weeks?