Wild dogs

Wild dog control off Andrews' agenda

12 May 2015

The Melbourne Labor Government has quickly shown its lack of interest and understanding of rural and regional Victoria by cutting both the wild dog bounty and aerial baiting program in its first State Budget.

Shadow Minister for Agriculture Peter Walsh said the government was solely focused on political outcomes in Melbourne at the expense of farmers and regional communities.

“It is beyond belief that the Melbourne Labor Government thinks it’s acceptable to axe two key elements of the wild dog control program,” Mr Walsh said.

“Wild dogs are cunning, vicious and destructive pests. We need an integrated approach using every method available to control them.

“Over the past four years, landholders and government have worked together to deliver community baiting programs and ensure we had a holistic approach to wild dog control including trapping, shooting, ground baiting, aerial baiting, fencing and good animal husbandry.

“But the Melbourne Labor Government’s wild dog policy is to cut successful programs.”

Mr Walsh said given that Daniel Andrews had recently spent at least $640 million to not build a road in Melbourne, cutting important programs was a slap in the face to rural and regional Victorians.

“As well as these wild dog programs, the government has also cut the Country Roads and Bridges Program, the Regional Living Expo and the Regional Growth Fund,” Mr Walsh said.

“Unfortunately it is clear that this government has no interest in rural and regional Victoria, does not understand farming, and is governing for Melburnians.

“Rural and regional Victorians have every reason to feel ripped off by this Melbourne Labor Government.” 

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