Port of Melbourne

Walsh Demands Answers on the Port of Melbourne

 12 March 2015

The Andrews Labor Government continues to discriminate against country Victorians with   rents mooted to increase by up to 800 % as it prepares to sell the lease of the Port of Melbourne.

The sale of the lease of the Port of Melbourne is the cornerstone funding for the Andrews Labor Government  pre-election promise to remove 50 level crossings in metropolitan Melbourne,” Mr Walsh said.

 “It is not difficult to understand that an 800% increase in port fees will make a far more attractive sale for Daniel Andrews,” he said.

The Port of Melbourne is the gateway to the world for food, viticulture and fibre producers and its cost effective management is crucial to farmers viability.

With the dairy industry one of the biggest users of the Melbourne Container Port, local farmers may pay dearly at the farm gate to fund the removal of those level crossings,” Mr Walsh said.

“Daniel Andrews has stated he will seek an urgent meeting with the Port of Melbourne but farmers are very wary of what this meeting might mean for their income.

“It is sickening to think that dairy farmers in Northern Victoria may be held to ransom in such a tangible way by this metro-focused government,” Mr Walsh said.


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