Taxes up, families worse off in raw deal for Regional Victoria

Tuesday 1 May 2018


Regional Victoria has been handed another raw deal from the city-centric Andrews Labor Government.

Labor’s latest budget pours $25 billion into metro project blowouts but it’s more of the same old scraps off the table for the people of Regional Victoria.

Yet again the Premier for Melbourne is dishing up a raw deal for Regional Victoria.

Too many schools in need across Regional Victoria haven’t received a cracker – like the Echuca Specialist School, Benalla P-12, Foster Primary School or Baimbridge and Bairnsdale secondary colleges.

Daniel Andrews cut the $160 million Country Roads and Bridges fund when he was elected, but is now bragging about reserving $100 million to help councils with country roads.

Agriculture is the backbone of rural communities across Victoria, but there is not a single cent directed to new strategic R&D initiatives, there’s no new biosecurity measures, and the Food to Asia export strategy has been abandoned.

And yet again Daniel Andrews has failed to do anything about planning for Victoria’s booming population. Labor just can’t see beyond Melbourne’s tram tracks.

Families in Regional Victoria are working harder than ever to put food on the table and pay their electricity and gas bills.

All Daniel Andrews has done for them is make life more difficult and more expensive while he plugs billions into his pet city projects.

Daniel Andrews can’t be trusted – with his word or Victoria’s economy.

This is the same Premier who promised “no new taxes” before he was elected, but has built this year’s Budget on no less than 12 taxes introduced or increased under his Labor Government.

Victorians have a clear choice in November: more of the same rorting and bullying from the Premier for Melbourne, or a Liberal Nationals government that will deliver a much better deal for Regional Victoria.

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