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This Year in Review

Thursday 29 December 2016   It is often said that farming is one of the hardest jobs in the world and over the past year...

Port of Melbourne Infrastructure

Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Bill 2015

10 March 2016 Council’s amendments Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — I rise to make my contribution on the Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Bill...

Port of Melbourne Infrastructure

Infrastructure funding

5 August 2015 - Matters of Public Importance Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — I rise to make a contribution on behalf of the opposition to the member...

Port of Melbourne Regional and Rural Development

Port of Melbourne Charges

25 June 2015 Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — Like many of my colleagues, I have been consulting with users of the Melbourne container port. A very important...

Port of Melbourne Infrastructure Regional and Rural Development

Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port Of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Billl 2015

24 June 2015 Second reading Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — I join the debate on the sale of the port lease bill. It is intriguing to follow...

Port of Melbourne

Walsh Demands Answers on the Port of Melbourne

 12 March 2015 The Andrews Labor Government continues to discriminate against country Victorians with   rents mooted to increase by up to 800 % as it...

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