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Swan Hill Businesses Say Holiday Will Cost Them

25 September 2015

Swan Hill businesses are overwhelmingly opposed to the introduction of Melbourne Labor’s AFL grand final parade public holiday, a new survey has found.

The survey, published on the website of Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh, shows the holiday will be costly for local businesses.

“The Grand Final parade holiday is a day which no one has asked for but everyone is going to pay for,” Mr Walsh said.

“The government’s own regulatory impact statement shows this holiday – along with the public holiday on Easter Sunday – will cost Victorians $1.2 billion and 353, 000 casual workers their shifts.

“Swan Hill businesses have sent a very clear message that the overwhelming majority of people see this as a ludicrous decision.

“Medium to large business owners have  told me that the public holiday means a gamble between closing and losing a day’s trading, or opening and hoping the penalty rates can be covered.

“A wide range of medium to small businesses see no option but to close and suffer the cost impact of direct wage expenses coupled with a lack of service to their valuable clientele.

“Veterinary services, grain suppliers and other businesses that service our agricultural industries must remain open and will suffer significant increased costs because of this public holiday.

“And casual workers have lost their Friday wages,” Mr Walsh said.

In a bid to convince the Melbourne Labor Government to listen to the voice of reason, The Nationals raised the matter every day in parliament last week to highlight the anger that is being expressed right across regional and rural Victoria.

“But Labor refused to listen to our concerns,” Mr Walsh said.


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