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7 September 2015

Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains, Peter Walsh, wants to know the electorate view on the public holiday that nobody really wants.

The Melbourne Labor Government has declared a Grand Final eve public holiday on Friday 2nd October.

This holiday will cost Victoria about $1b in lost productivity and increased penalty rates and Mr Walsh is asking his constituency to take up the fight by completing a survey on his webpage estimating how much the public holiday will cost their individual businesses and families.

Mr Walsh argued in state parliament last week that the holiday will impose a significant financial burden on communities and small business in regional Victoria.

“These holidays were introduced without consultation with the business sector or the community and they are not a good idea.

“The people I talk to who are in small business say they will either have to charge more and run the risk of losing customers, or they will have to close,” he said

Mr Walsh said the government’s unwillingness to listen to a regional voice was evidenced by the Attorney General’s Martin Pakula’s innuendo that those who represent country Victoria “do not have the mental apparatus to discern just how beneficial this day will be for regional Victoria.”

“Tell that to a regional business owner who has to pay staff more and give them the day off ” Mr Walsh said.

“The Melbourne Labor Government and the trade union movement to which they are beholden are failing small business and working families in Victoria,” he said.

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