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Pick My Project more of a lottery quick pick

Wednesday 5th September 2018

The Andrews Labor Government’s Pick My Project program is like a lottery quick pick.

Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said the odds were stacked against smaller communities forced to compete for funding against larger regional centres.

“The government hasn’t been able to explain how small communities are supposed to attract more votes when they are in direct competition with larger centres.

“Projects that are partnered by large organisations with broad networks are significantly advantaged over small organisations and there appears to be no mechanism in the process for some kind of “taking into account size, location and age profile factors.

“Small clubs with older memberships believe they are at a clear disadvantage as many of their members do not have computers and the mobile phone process is cumbersome and difficult with only one phone contact number for voting.”

Mr Walsh said that projects being judged on public vote alone raises serious questions about the basic principles of selection criteria for public projects including the merit of the project proposed, the number of residents that will benefit, the community need, and the measurability of the project goals.

He said requiring voters to provide their personal details including email, residential address, and phone number also begs the question what Labor intends to do with the personal data they are collecting.

“Is the Andrews Government using Pick My Project as a marketing exercise, building up people’s expectations when very little money has been put behind the program?

“Daniel Andrews should explain what security measures are in place to stop Labor MPs from using the personal details of voters harvested through Pick My Project for campaigning in the coming state election.”



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