Member's Statement - Random House Rochester

Tuesday 2nd November 2017 - Random House Rochester Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) (09:41:08) — I again raise the concerns of the community of Rochester and the saga...

community Regional Development

Member's Statement - Murrabit Country Market

Thursday 2nd November 2017 - Murrabit Country Market Mr WALSH — In the last few seconds, I would like to congratulate Murrabit Country Market, which is celebrating...

Attorney General

Constituency Question - Echuca Magistrates Court

18 October 2017 Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) (11:50:38) — (13 291) My constituency question is to the Attorney‑General on behalf of the Campaspe Shire Council. On 29 April 2016...


Grievances - Energy Policy

18 October 2017 Debate resumed. Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — I compliment the member for Essendon on his contribution. It is amazing how empty vessels make the...


Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill - Second Reading

17 October 2017 Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) (16:05:25) — I rise to contribute to the debate today. In starting my contribution I note that this is an...

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