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Nationals Opposed To Greens Push To Abolish The Lord's Prayer

19 June 2015

Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains, Peter Walsh, has expressed his party’s opposition to a move by the Greens to have the Lord’s Prayer abolished from Parliament.

Mr Walsh said reciting the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of each sitting day was fundamental to the history and tradition of the Victorian Parliament.

“The reading of the Lord’s Prayer to begin each sitting day is a key part of the Speaker’s ceremonial role and is a long-held tradition of the Parliament,” Mr Walsh said.

“Members can already choose not to attend while the prayer is being read if that reflects their personal views, and the Greens and the Sex Party make this choice by remaining outside the chamber.”

 Mr Walsh said the Greens were attempting to erode the rich traditions of the Victorian Parliament.

 “The Nationals are far more focused on standing up for our regional communities and ensuring they get their fair share from the Melbourne focused Labor Government,” Mr Walsh said.


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