Nationals Oppose Cattle Grazing Bill

28 April 2015

The Member for Murray Plains and Leader of The Nationals joined the debate on the National

Parks Amendment (Prohibiting Cattle Grazing) Bill 2015 in State Parliament on 15 April.

The Melbourne Labor Government has introduced the Bill to bring an end  to the 160 year old

tradition of cattle grazing in the national parks.

The former Coalition government allowed 57 head of cattle to graze in the Wonnangatta Valley in

state’s east last year, to test if bushfire fuel loads would be reduced.

The Melbourne Labor government suspended the trial following its election in November 2014.

In introducing the Bill the Labor Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water claimed that there exists extensive scientific research and that the science is clear.

“The Nationals do not agree that on the subject of grazing and fuel reduction, adequate

scientific research exists in any credible form,” Mr Walsh said.

“I put it to the House that national parks are great places because people over the generations, our

forefathers and mothers, looked after them well.

That is why they are there to be preserved – because previous generations did a very good

job of managing them, he said

Mr Walsh has recently returned from a two day horse ride through the Victorian High Country which

reaffirmed his strongly held view that the management of public land in Victoria is very poor.

“The Melbourne Labor government’s reintroduction of legislation targeting cattle is overkill and unnecessary,” he said.




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