National Party Centenary

17 August 2016

Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — On 29 and 30 July this year the National Party held its centenary conference. In September 1916 the National Party was formed here in Victoria with a meeting at the State Library. On the Saturday night of our conference we actually had the function at the State Library, and what a magnificent building it is.

The first leader of the party was John Allan from Kyabram, who went on to become a Premier. The next leader was Albert Dunstan, who was one of the longest serving premiers of this state. It is interesting when you read the history that during most of the time he served as Premier the Country Party was a minority government in this state with the support of the Labor Party, back in the days when the Labor Party actually cared about country Victoria. But at that first election in 1917 the then Country Party won 4 seats and at the subsequent election it won 13 seats.

Can I say that proud history of tradition and service to country Victoria continues under the current band of the National Party. We will be here for a long, long time in the future to make sure we keep the Labor Party honest and that it actually delivers for country Victoria into the future.


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