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Members Statement - Trevaskis Hawdon Roads Wyuna

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Trevaskis–Hawdon roads, Wyuna

Mr WALSH — I would also like to raise the concerns of constituents of mine around the lack of VicRoads signage at Trevaskis and Hawdon roads at Wyuna. One of my constituent’s family members suffered a serious injury at that intersection because it is poorly signed. There is a channel there and vegetation around the intersection, and it cannot be seen clearly. My constituent believes it should have better signage. They have actually approached VicRoads. VicRoads staff said that it was not a high‑priority intersection and that at least six people needed to be killed at that intersection before they would actually take any action. My constituent finds that abhorrent. I find it abhorrent that VicRoads would believe there has to be a fatality at an intersection like that before they can actually do something about putting increased signage there. I would urge VicRoads to put additional signage there so there are no fatalities there in the future.

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