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Members Statement - Kow Swamp

I raise the ongoing saga of the Lions picnic park at Kow Swamp near Leitchville. The floods of 2011 caused erosion to start at this popular picnic area, and given it is on the eastern side of Kow Swamp it is constantly being eroded further by the prevailing westerly winds. Goulburn‑Murray Water and the department have been doing a land and on‑water strategy for a number of years that is supposed to set out how this issue can be resolved. Locals are at their wits’ end as, while the talk continues, so does the erosion, and no solution is in sight. There is now talk of a boat ramp being placed next to the Lions park. Locals believe this is the wrong place for a boat ramp. There is shallow water exposed to strong westerly winds, and it is next to an area where families with young children picnic and play in the water. There are clearly better places for a Kow Swamp boat ramp to be placed, and the erosion of the Lions picnic park area needs to be addressed and fixed before there is no Lions park because it is eroded away completely.

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