Member's Statement - Murray Plains Electorate Sporting Clubs

6 October 2015

Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — I rise to acknowledge all of the football and netball clubs in my electorate that have won premierships over the last few weeks, particularly the Kerang Football Club, which has now won four in a row and has played in eight grand finals in the last 10 years. It is a very successful club in the Central Murray Football League. More importantly I would like to acknowledge all those teams and clubs which may not have won the grand final but which provided a season of sport for young people in both football and netball. As we all know, involvement in team sport is a critical part of the upbringing of a young person. It teaches them good values. It teaches them to cooperate and work together with other young people, and it sets them up well for the future.

As we all know from research, people who have not been involved in team sports are over‑represented in the justice system. I thank all the clubs in the Murray Plains electorate for what they do in giving young people a start in life by allowing them to play football and netball through the winter. On behalf of this house I congratulate all those clubs across Victoria for what they do in that particular area.

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