Regional and Rural Victoria Uber

Melbourne Labor Government’s Uber tax charging rural communities

Wednesday 24 August 2016


Daniel Andrews promised no new taxes or fees, but is now going to implement a $2 per trip tax on country communities not serviced by ride-share company, Uber.

There is nothing fair about slugging country pensioners $4 for a taxi trip to the doctors or grocery store.

The Government’s proposed reforms include:

All commercial passenger vehicle providers charged a levy equivalent to $2 per trip to fund the transition to the new system including support for existing licence holders during the transition.”

Regional communities should not be burdened by reforms resulting from Melbourne’s Uber ride-sharing service.

“Pensioners should not have to pay the Premier’s new Uber tax just to visit the doctor or go grocery shopping.”

“He has charged those least able to afford it for his grand Melbourne taxi buy-out.

“Daniel Andrews has broken an election promise to all Victorians by imposing this Uber tax."

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