Liberal Nationals to invest $1 billion to grow all Regional Victoria

Tuesday 13 November 2018


Victoria’s population growth is out of control.

While Melbourne grows at more than 126,000 people per year, just over 20,000 people move to Regional Victoria in 12 months.

Regional Victoria is missing out under Daniel Andrews, while unplanned, unmanaged population growth in Melbourne spirals out of control, worsening traffic congestion and putting the squeeze on housing availability.

Our state is in desperate need of a bold vision to make sure all of our communities grow – not just Melbourne.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will establish the $1 billion Decentralisation Fund, a targeted investment to deliver better infrastructure and create the jobs required to support growing communities in Regional Victoria.

This massive investment, over two terms, will go directly into rural and regional communities, in line with the Liberal Nationals’ vision to decentralise our state.

It will include grants for smaller projects through a returned Putting Locals First Fund which will help put communities in control of their future and fund local projects that will support economic and social development.

The Premier for Melbourne scrapped this grassroots funding, abandoning local groups, including service clubs and sporting clubs, which are at the heart of communities in Regional Victoria.

Unlike Labor, we believe local people know their community best, which is why a Liberal Nationals Government will back local ideas to drive local development.

From funding much-wanted upgrades to buildings and amenities, improvements to tourist trails and better facilities at our grassroots sporting clubs – an elected Liberal Nationals Government will right Labor’s wrong.

Our $1 billion Decentralisation Fund will also include targeted investment which will support business growth and local job creation, enable communities to attract and retain new residents and raise education outcomes for the youngest Victorians.

It will make Regional Victoria an even better place to live by creating good, secure jobs, helping regional businesses to thrive and connecting our communities, both socially and with better infrastructure and services.

We must do more to attract and retain residents in Victoria’s rural and regional communities.

Daniel Andrews and city-centric Labor have no plan to decentralise our state and make sure people who live outside of Melbourne’s tram tracks aren’t missing out.

Only a Liberal Nationals Government will make our state a state of cities, where all Victorians benefit from population growth by delivering the better infrastructure, education and job opportunities Regional Victorians deserve.

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