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Letter to the Editor - Unconventional Gas Exploration

Monday 5 September 2016


Dear Editor,

Unconventional gas exploration is a source of concern for many Victorian farmers. So I am sure there was a collective sigh of relief this week for many who are on land in the sights of CSG companies.

The former Coalition Government’s ban on exploration and extraction of unconventional onshore gas was given permanency this week, while a moratorium on conventional onshore gas was extended to 2020.

Farmers have serious concerns on the detrimental effects of fracking on water quality and quantity, this ban brings them peace of mind for the future.

The Nationals have always had the best interests of farmers and regional communities at its core.

We were proud to be part of the former Coalition government who introduced Victoria’s fracking moratorium and who banned the use of BTEX chemicals.

Our farmers and rural communities are one of the powerhouses of Victoria’s economy and The Nationals will always fight to ensure that the land and water resources they need are protected.

While the Coalition welcomes Labor’s continuation of the Liberal Nationals’ policy, Daniel Andrews must do more to provide relief from rising cost of living pressures hitting Victorian families.


Peter Walsh

Leader of The Nationals

Member for Murray Plains


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