Letter to the Editor (Law and Order)

Wednesday 19 April 2017


Dear Editor,

More and more country Victorians do not feel safe in their own homes, and it is no wonder.

Victoria’s crime rate has skyrocketed 20 per cent since December 2014 – it is clear the Andrews Government’s soft touch isn’t working.

In the past year alone, assaults have spiked 11.8 per cent, while robberies have increased 24.4 per cent.

Daniel Andrews has watered down bail laws, weakened sentencing, closed police stations and cut frontline police numbers and now our justice system is at crisis point.

Victorians have had enough of the Andrews Labor Government being soft on crime – it’s time for a different approach.

It is important to address the factors that lead people to crime, but it is equally important to have a tough law and order system.

If a Liberal Nationals government is elected in 2018, violent re-offenders would face mandatory minimum sentences for 11 violent crimes.

These include aggravated car-jacking and aggravated burglary, which would carry minimum jail time of 10 years, while rape or manslaughter (one punch) would have mandatory sentences of 15 years.

Violent re-offenders found guilty of murder would face a minimum of 20 years in jail.

No more excuses, no more second chances – it’s two strikes and you’re in.

Youth re-offenders, emboldened by the Andrews Government’s soft approach to crime, would also face tougher consequences under a Liberal Nationals government.

To put public safety first, our courts would have the power to name and shame those young re-offenders who disrespect our justice system and commit serious offences while on bail.

We would also seek to make three significant changes to fix our broken bail system and make Victoria safer.

These are the presumption of remand, not bail, for violent crimes; a one strike and you’re in policy for anyone breaching bail; and reinstating the offence of breaching bail for youth offenders.

An elected Liberal Nationals government would put the rights of victims before criminals and make sure the penalties for violent crime reflect community expectation.

Daniel Andrews’ soft touch isn’t working. It is time to do something different to keep our communities safe.



Peter Walsh

Leader of The Nationals

Member for Murray Plains

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