Letter to the Editor - Daniel Andrews squanders $60m opportunity

Friday 16 June 2017


Dear Editor,

Daniel Andrews has squandered a chance to add $60 million to our State’s infrastructure budget.

When Rural Finance Corporation was sold in 2014, Victoria became eligible for a $60 million bonus from the Commonwealth Government’s Asset Recycling Initiative (ARI).

This was to be a $60 million bonus on top of the sale proceeds of $400 milllion.

Shamefully, Daniel Andrews failed to finalise the deal with Canberra before the ARI’s June 30, 2016, deadline and it’s now confirmed that Victoria has missed out.

That’s $60 million that should have gone toward fixing our crumbling country roads or our ageing regional rail services.

It is outrageous that Daniel Andrews had 18 months to finish the paperwork and still failed to secure this substantial bonus funding.

But then, this is the same Premier who spent $1.2 billion NOT to build a road.

Regional Victoria deserves better. We need a State government that has a plan for all Victorians – not just those who live in Melbourne.


Peter Walsh

Shadow Minister for Regional Development

Member for Murray Plains

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