Labor won't rule out more white elephants

14 April 2015

The Andrews Labor Government today refused to rule out building more white elephant pipelines to move water from the desalination plant to lakes in northern Victoria.

Yet it can’t name a single lake it plans to fill.

Today in Parliament Question Time, Water Minister Lisa Neville did not rule out building a new South-North Pipeline to take water from the desalination plant to northern Victoria.

She told Parliament that the water grid was “how you move water”, referencing the Goldfields Superpipe, the North-South Pipeline and the Melbourne-Geelong interconnector.

However when asked which northern lakes would receive water from the desal plant, Lisa Neville could not name a single one.

Comments from Shadow Minister for Water Peter Walsh:

“The Andrews Labor Government is totally out of touch when it comes to water.

“Lisa Neville’s return to Labor's failed water grid policy is a signal for disaster.

“This is the same water grid policy which, under the previous Labor Government, gave us the north-south pipeline debacle and the massive Wonthaggi desalination plant white elephant, and caused family water bills in Melbourne skyrocket from $500 to $1200.”

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