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Labor Taxing Country People to Pay for City Transport

Monday 2nd March 2017

Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh says it is an absolute nonsense for country people to pay a new tax to regulate Uber transport services operating in city settings.

He said the Andrews Labor Government is proposing legislation in the Victorian Parliament that all commercial passenger vehicle providers charge a levy equivalent to $2 per trip to fund the transition to the new system including support for existing licence holders during the transition.

Mr Walsh said it is incredulous that Daniel Andrews would expect country people to compensate a public transport service that is not accessible in country communities. 

“This new tax will have a significant impact on the most vulnerable members of our country communities,” Mr Walsh said.

“Pensioners should not have to pay Daniel Andrews’ new $2 tax just to visit the doctor or to go grocery shopping.”

 “Most of the smaller communities across country Victoria have limited access to public transport options and residents depend on the reliable, friendly and personal service of their local tax driver.

 “Our country taxi drivers provide a great service and it is a disgrace that they are now expected to be a tax collection agency for Daniel Andrews.

“This city centric Premier promised no new taxes or levies, but here we are with yet another example of a Labor Government ripping off country people,” Mr Walsh said.




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