Labor's CFA Split To Be Scrutinised

Friday 23rd June 2017

The Andrews Labor Government’s plan to split the CFA will be further scrutinised by a parliamentary committee, following outrage at Daniel Andrews’ failure to properly consult with CFA volunteers.

In State Parliament this week, the Upper House passed a motion proposed by Liberal and Nationals MPs to refer the Bill to a select committee.

Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said Liberal and Nationals MPs proposed the select committee to ensure CFA volunteers, brigades and regional communities could have their say.

“Daniel Andrews has tried to ram this bill through without any consultation because he knows this legislation will tear apart the CFA and put the lives and property of Victorians at risk,” Mr Walsh said.

“It is more than a year since Daniel Andrews declared he had ‘ended’ the CFA dispute, but the CFA is now more divided than ever.

“There’s grave fears a split of the CFA will severely impact surge capacity in campaign fires.

“I urge CFA volunteers and anyone in our community who wants to have their say on Labor’s plan to split the CFA to get submissions in soon as the committee will report back in August.”

Mr Walsh called on the Labor Party Upper House representative for Northern Victoria  Jacqueline Symes to stand up for her community.

Ms Symes must stand up for country communities and tell her leader the Premier for Melbourne Daniel Andrews that splitting up the CFA is not acceptable,” Mr Walsh  said.

The select committee will report its findings by August 8.

Mr Walsh encouraged anyone who is interested in lodging a submission or attending a hearing to register with his electorate office to be sent further detail as soon as it is available.

The Murray Plains electorate contact details are :   or  54822039


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