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Labor re-writes history on wild dogs

March 18 2015

Yet again the Andrews Labor Government is re-writing history to hide the fact it’s doing absolutely nothing for regional Victoria.

Today in the Weekly Times, Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford has misled the public by claiming she was delivering “what the Coalition couldn’t” through so-called “legislative changes” to allow mobile wild dog baiting.

This is completely false.

All legislative changes to allow mobile bait manufacturing in Victoria were made by the former Coalition Government last year, passing the Upper House and receiving Royal Assent in October.

Jaala Pulford even spoke on the legislation herself, telling Parliament “the Labor Party commends the bill to the house” on 16 October 2014. She either has a very short memory or is wilfully misleading the public.

All Daniel Andrews’ Labor Government has done today is tick the box on new regulations, which were only able to be created because of the Coalition’s legislative changes.

In fact, the former Coalition Government had always planned for the regulation change to coincide with the current autumn baiting period.

Controlling wild dogs is a serious issue and should be beyond political point-scoring.

Jaala Pulford and the Andrews Labor Government must quit the lies and media stunts, and start delivering something new for rural and regional Victoria.

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