Labor protecting wild dogs, not farmers

Thursday 22 June 2017


Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford has failed to explain in Parliament today why she appointed not one, but two dingo conservationists to her long overdue Wild Dog Control Advisory Committee.

Despite both being outspoken critics of the use of bounties and baiting programs, the two university researchers will now be providing advice to the Andrews Labor Government on wild dog control.

The Minister appears to have little interest in her own Committee, admitting in Parliament “I’ve not been furnished with all of the quotes any of these people have ever said about wild dog control”.

But landholders would expect that when members of the Committee have publicly criticised baiting and bounties or labelled farmers as “extremists”, the Minister should know.

It remains unclear if Minister Pulford made the appointments or if the Minister for the Environment is again calling the shots.

Since Labor gutted the former Liberal Nationals government’s successful wild dog control program, participation in bounty programs has fallen and wild dog numbers are out of control.

The Premier for Melbourne just doesn’t seem to understand the only good wild dog is a dead wild dog.

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