Labor misleads community on wild dogs

9 April 2015

The Andrews Labor Government has again misled Victorians on wild dog control today.

Labor appear desperate to hide the fact they are axing the wild dog bounty and slashing funding for aerial baiting.

Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford was interviewed on ABC Gippsland this morning and made several false claims about funding for wild dog control.

Claim: “The wild dog bounty was left unfunded by my predecessor Peter Walsh…”

Fact: Before 2014 State Election the Coalition Government committed $4 million to continue the Fox and Wild Dog Bounty for another four years and $4 million for wild dog aerial baiting.

Claim: “Aerial baiting will continue…”

Fact: The Labor Government has not matched the Coalition’s commitment of $4 million to continue aerial baiting. It plans to redirect wild dog bounty money to aerial baiting, which is around $130,000 – nowhere near enough.

Comments from Peter Walsh:

“No matter how Jaala Pulford tries to spin it, the Labor Government is axing the wild dog bounty with no good reason and slashing funds for aerial baiting.

“The former Coalition Government understood the devastating impact of wild dogs and did more to control the pests in four years than metro-focused Labor ever has.” 

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