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Job Plan Fails Murray Plains

30 October 2015

The  Back to Work plan trumpeted by the Melbourne Labor Government to create 100,000 jobs over two years  has funded only ONE new job in  the entire electorate of Murray Plains in its first three months of operation.

The Back to Work Scheme provides payroll tax relief to employers who hire unemployed young people, the long term unemployed or retrenched workers.

“It was the central plank of Melbourne Labor’s commitment to create 100,000 new full-time jobs by November 2016,” Mr Walsh said.

“In actual figures statewide, Victoria has lost 7,800 full-time jobs since Daniel Andrews came to office

“We’ve had a grand final parade day holiday which cost the state’s economy $852 million, we’ve seen the decimation of the regional infrastructure budget with just 2.7 per cent of Victoria’s infrastructure budget being spent in regional Victoria and we have seen huge increases in the fire services levy.

“There is no doubt country people are suffering under this Melbourne Labor Government and with the impact of a looming drought our economy is in crisis and we are in danger.

“The situation is becoming very concerning,” Mr Walsh said.

Click here to view the locations where Back to Work subsidies have been paid.

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