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Fight For More Police For Rochester Taken To Parliament Again - Walsh

Tuesday 4th July  2017

The Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh has again sought a commitment from the Victorian Police Minister to provide the extra police resources that the Rochester community so desperately needs.

The plea came as the crime rate in Rochester continues to surge unabated.

“Rochester jewellery store has been robbed for the third time and the owner is considering leaving the town,” Mr Walsh said.

“I am also advised by Rochester Sportspower owners Darren and Amber Pain that they recently had a large number of items shoplifted. The perpetrator has been identified by a social media campaign but it appears that because of other pressing issues the local police have not been able to  prioritise the matter for follow up.”

Mr Walsh said the police resources in Rochester are terribly understaffed for the region they have to cover and local officers are to be commended for the job they are doing in extenuating circumstances.

“The very essence of keeping crime out of our community is crime prevention and stopping crime as soon as it happens.

“Under the Andrews Labor government country police simply do not have the support and numbers they require to keep their communities safe.

“Rochester is damning evidence that the Premier for Melbourne Daniel Andrews is dismally failing on law and order.

“He claims he is keeping Victorians safe but the statistics show that under his watch the fabric of country communities is in fact being torn apart.”






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