12 March 2015

Rural and regional Victoria continues to be neglected by the Andrews Labor Government, with increased rents at the Port of Melbourne likely to hurt farmers’ incomes.

Rents at the Port of Melbourne have been flagged to increase by up to 800 per cent, as Daniel Andrews prepares to fatten up the port for sale.

It’s not difficult to understand that an 800 per cent increase in the port’s rental revenue will make a far more attractive sale for Daniel Andrews.

The Port of Melbourne is the gateway to the world for food and fibre producers, and its cost-effective management is crucial to their viability.

The dairy, grains, meat and horticulture industries are some of the biggest users of the Port, so our farmers may pay dearly at the farm gate for this rent hike.

As dairy operator and United Dairyfarmers of Victoria vice-president Roma Britnell told the Stock and Land newspaper today: “As a farmer, it is quite clear and obvious that the cost of the port businesses will be passed right back along the supply chain to farmers.”

It’s easy to see where Daniel Andrews’ priorities lie.

While Daniel Andrews is planning to spend $1 billion to not build the East West Link in Melbourne, he’s desperately looking to ways to raise the cash to pay for compensation he promised not pay.

Daniel Andrews must not sacrifice the livelihood of farmers to prop up his election promises in Melbourne.

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