Essendon airport must stay open

Wednesday 22 February 2017


While a tragic accident occurred at Essendon airport yesterday, it should not result in a knee-jerk reaction to close a vital transport hub for regional and rural Victorians.

This airport is a critically important base for a number of public services that protect and help country Victorians in times of need.

Air Ambulance, Royal Flying Doctors, Police Air Wing and the Air Crane helicopters that fight bushfires are just some of the vital services that use Essendon to deliver timely assistance to our regional communities.

The airport’s location, close by to Melbourne’s major hospital, is also of huge importance for regional patients when they require specialised emergency medical attention.

Essendon is a vital commuting link for people travelling from rural and regional communities, as well as city-based businesses that need fast air access to our regional communities.

The Andrews Government must urgently confirm it will not follow in the footsteps of previous Labor governments that threatened to close this vital transport hub and guarantee that Essendon airport will remain open.

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