Environmental sales water should be released in full

Thursday 15 December 2016


The Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) should speed up the sale of 20GL of water it is planning to sell in the first half of next year, Shadow Minister for Water Peter Walsh has said.

The VEWH issued a statement this week to sell up to 20GL of water over a six month period from December 2016 to May 2017.

“This season has seen significant inflows into our southern basin catchments,” Mr Walsh said.

“Many of these environmental assets have achieved their seasonal watering targets via natural flows and farmers have rightly anticipated water would be released for sale on the temporary water market.

“To enable its most productive use in autumn watering, the best outcomes for irrigators would be achieved if this parcel of sales water was made accessible and marketed in full before the end of Feb 2017.

“The VEWH must reconsider the timing of the release to give farmers every opportunity to make the most efficient planning decisions for their businesses.

“Support of an earlier sale and the resultant downward pressure on water markets and availability would be welcomed by primary producers and businesses that rely on our agriculture sector.”

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