Easter Message

 30 March 2015

The Easter season is time in the electorate of Murray Plains  when thousands of tourists and families will converge on our communities to enjoy all the sensational holiday and recreation opportunities which we are blessed to call our own.

The electorate of Murray Plains hugged on its northern border by  the mighty Murray River, the glorious autumn weather we so often enjoy over Easter, the huge range of sporting opportunities and communities offering fabulous entertainment all bundled up with a few days to spend with family and loved ones offers such a perfect respite to the pace and rigour of todays lifestyle.

Easter is such a happy time to be shared and enjoyed, but more importantly it is a time where people from all beliefs and persuasions can sway their minds to accept and embrace the underlying message of Easter which calls for reflection, forgiveness and  celebration of the lives we are privileged to share together  in the safety and security of our rural communities.

Take care of your family and friends this Easter, enjoy a rest, catch up with old friends and meet news ones,  stay safe on our roads, and have fun.

Happy Easter.

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