Daniel Andrews must come clean on his secret deal

Tuesday 6 November 2018


Revelations that Daniel Andrews has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Communist Party government and that he will keep the details secret should send shudder of concern down the back of every Victorian taxpayer.

As The Australian pointed out in its editorial yesterday:

Unlike the West, China has been happy to finance deals with unsustainable debts, and these have begun to produce a backlash, such as Malaysia’s repudiation of two BRI projects.

There is a new wariness in Pakistan and parts of Africa, too.

News such as this might have given Victoria’s Premier pause for thought before signing that MOU, but of course he has no diplomats of his own to keep him up with events far from Spring Street”.

What debt deals has Mr Andrews signed Victoria up to?

Are they to part pay for his unfunded infrastructure promises?

When the $50 billion Suburban Rail Loop was announced Daniel Andrews said it would be funded by “…private sector contributions, as well as value capture opportunities”.

Value capture is Labor’s code for tax and those tax increases already amount to a conservative $12.5 billion.

Will Victorians be burdened with this massive tax increase while paying interest on debt to the Chinese Communist Party government, or will our state’s transport assets be sold off if Daniel Andrews can’t pay his bills.

The government cannot hide behind this veil of secrecy.

Daniel Andrews must come clean immediately.

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