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Daniel Andrews Continues Attack On CFA

Thursday 11May 2017

Daniel Andrews has ramped up his attack on Country Fire Authority volunteers, with plans to split Victoria’s biggest volunteer organisation.

The proposal attempts to split the CFA into a country volunteer-only body which would see thousands less volunteers protecting Victoria.

Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said Labor’s secret proposal to tear the CFA apart was put to Cabinet on Monday.

“Splitting the CFA to hand over suburban and regional city stations to career firefighters would devastate the organisation’s ability to provide surge capacity to rural areas and would put the safety of local communities at risk in the event of a large scale fire,” Mr Walsh said.

In Question Time this week, the Premier evaded questions as to whether he will forcibly remove CFA volunteers from 35 fire stations right across Victoria or whether he intends to split the CFA.

Mr Walsh said these brave men and women protect their communities with the utmost professionalism yet when push comes to shove on the floor of the parliament Daniel Andrews refuses to protect them.

“He was elected on the back of his union mates and his payback is to sell out the CFA volunteers.

“We cannot stand by and watch this happen,” Mr Walsh said.

“The Liberal-National Coalition will stand side-by-side with the CFA and I strongly encourage all members and supporters to stand with us,”  he said.



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