Daniel Andrews’ Budget delay good for Labor, bad for Victorians

Friday 12 April 2019


Daniel Andrews’ decision to delay the State Budget until after the Federal Election is a shameful abuse of the Victorian Parliament.

This is a cover up by an arrogant Premier who is using the Victorian Parliament to electioneer for his Labor mates in Canberra.

What doesn’t the Labor Government want Regional Victorians to know?

Is it that Daniel Andrews plans to make further cuts to spending on regional roads and infrastructure and will continue to ignore desperately-needed upgrades to hospitals and schools in Regional Victoria.

Or that Labor will go ahead with its plans to axe the Regional Development Fund which has invested $1 billion into country communities.

Daniel Andrews is treating the Victorian Parliament like a campaign tool for the Labor Party.

It’s yet another example of Daniel Andrews putting his Labor politics ahead of people.

The Premier’s thinly-veiled delay tactic leaves serious questions on whether our state is in such a bad financial position that Daniel Andrews has kept it from Victorians because he thinks it will harm Bill Shorten’s campaign.

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