Crime Up 20 per cent in Gannawarra

Thursday 15th June 2017

Daniel Andrews refuses to take action to fix the violent crime rate in Victoria, Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh has said.

New figures released by the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency today show crime across the Gannawarra region rose 19.93 per cent since December 2014.

This is an increase from 557 offences at December 2014, to 668 by March 2017.

“Our community has been abandoned by the Premier for Melbourne while the crime rate spirals out of control,” Mr Walsh said.

“Offenders have been emboldened by the Andrews Labor Government’s watered-down bail laws, weakened sentencing and cuts to frontline police numbers.”

In Kerang, there was a 30.4 per cent increase in crimes against the person between March 2016 and March 2017. In the same timeframe, theft increased 12.9 per cent and property damage was up 15.4 per cent.

“Country people are seething with anger about what is evolving in their communities when it comes to law and order,” Mr Walsh said.

“Their families and businesses are vulnerable and they feel powerless.

“Daniel Andrews has dismally failed country communities in what should be the first priority of any government – law and order.

“Only the Liberal National Coalition has a plan for stronger sentencing, tougher parole conditions and a return to the principle that bail is a privilege not a right for violent offenders.”


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