Country Victoria set for $30 million connectivity boost under the Liberal

Wednesday 7 November 2018


An elected Liberal Nationals Government will invest $30 million to boost mobile connectivity across rural and regional Victoria.

Announcing the commitment today, Leader of The Nationals Peter Walsh said it was critical for farmers, families and other businesses in rural and regional communities that the next Victorian Government makes ongoing investment for telecommunications infrastructure.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will invest $30 million over four years in telecommunications infrastructure that improves mobile coverage and competition across Victoria.

“There are too many places across our State where communications services aren’t up to scratch and if a Liberal Nationals Government is elected we’re determined to invest and change that,” Mr Walsh said.

“In this digital age where the internet, smart phones and technology dominate, it is absolutely critical that families and businesses in rural and regional areas have reliable telephone and internet services.

“Technology has brought us a long way but the Liberal Nationals know what’s needed now is partnership and investments to make sure people in rural and regional areas are getting the same opportunities and services as people who live in our towns and cities.

“Under our program, we’ll prioritise investment in mobile towers that improve coverage in areas prone to bushfire, along transport routes, key agribusiness areas and communities with limited telecommunications access.”

Poor mobile connectivity impacts liveability, quality of life and business productivity and profitability in rural and regional Victoria.

Regional Victorians, and notably farmers, rate telecommunications as one of the most pressing public policy problems affecting their lives and businesses.

The Victorian investment program will leverage co-investments from federal and local governments, service providers, businesses and communities.

“We’re listening closely to the issues being raised by stakeholders including the Victorian Farmers Federation and our own local communities,” Mr Walsh said.

“We’re determined to get rural and regional Victoria connected and if we are elected, we’ll get the job started with this $30 million investment.”

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