Water Parliament

Constituency Question - Stand Up For Victorian Irrigators

8th March 2017

Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — (12 390) My constituency question is to the Minister for Water. I ask for the Minister for Water, on behalf of the irrigators in my electorate and particularly John Smith, an irrigator from Leachville, to encourage her Victorian federal Senate colleagues to actually stand up for Victoria and be strong advocates against Tony Burke and his desire to take 450 gigalitres of water away from the irrigation community in Victoria and southern New South Wales. Tony Burke is passionately advocating that we should give up water to help South Australia solve their issues in the lower lakes when those issues could be resolved by themselves, and those senators have been absolutely silent and are acting on behalf of the Labor Party in Canberra and Tony Burke in Sydney rather than being passionate advocates for the people of Victoria. I ask the Minister for Water to make sure the Victorian senators in the federal Parliament actually start to advocate for Victorian irrigators rather than the Labor Party.


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