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Coalition Calls For inquiry Into Regional Fuel Pricing

1st September 2016

The Liberal-Nationals Coalition has proposed in Parliament today to establish an inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria.

The inquiry, to be referred to the Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee, would consider pricing of unleaded, diesel and LPG fuels and include, but not be limited to, five other terms of reference:

  • Examine the methodology behind pricing, particularly the divide between metropolitan and regional communities
  • Consider approaches and initiatives elsewhere in Australia, with a view to reducing fuel prices
  • Look at fuel price comparison technology
  • Investigate the impact of pricing on families, businesses and industry
  • Assess the influence of regulations and legislation on fuel pricing

The latest fuel report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) shows although petrol prices are falling, these dips are not being passed onto consumers in shrinking retail margins.

“For regional Victorians, high fuel prices have become part of daily life, the Liberal-Nationals have called for this inquiry because we don’t think it should be this way,” Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said.

“Living in the country, long-distance travel is a necessity, but country people shouldn’t have to break the bank to get to work, do the groceries or take their children to school.”

There is little movement in the price of fuel in regional Victoria, unlike the constant cycle seen in metropolitan areas.

“For many regional Victorians, public transport is not a viable option, meaning many rely on the family car or the farm ute to get from A to B,” Shadow Minister of Consumer Affairs Russell Northe said.

“Exorbitant fuel prices only add to existing cost of living pressures faced by Victorian families.

“We must clear up the lack of explanation on price discrepancies between metropolitan and regional, and even regional and regional areas.

“This inquiry would lift the lid on the pricing phenomenon and consider the real-life experiences of Victorians.”

Fuel prices are just one of the cost-of-living pressures Victorians can share with the Coalition’s CostWatch website, www.costwatch.com.au

The CostWatch campaign is committed to driving down costs and making your dollar stretch further.

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