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Changes Recommended to 'Uber' Tax

Wednesday14th June 2017

A parliamentary Committee has recommended the Andrews Labor Government reconsider its proposed taxi reform legislation, including its new $2 tax on every taxi trip.

A report tabled in Parliament last week by the Economy and Infrastructure Committee recommended amendments to the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill 2017.

Daniel Andrews’ own Labor MPs were among the Committee members who have recommended to amend the Bill to “provide for a reduced rate of levy in rural and regional areas” and that the Government consider reducing the $2 levy.

Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said this report proved the ‘Uber’ tax was unfair on country Victorian taxi users and the Andrews Labor Government needed to change it.

“Even Daniel Andrews’ own MPs don’t support the proposed Bill that unfairly taxes regional and rural people,” Mr Walsh said.

“For country people, a tax on taxi trips is a tax on people who can’t take the bus home with the weekly groceries, or travel to and from the doctors.

“Every pensioner, every person in a country town that has not got public transport is being forced to pay an additional $4 each outing.

“This is a significant increase and a straight tax on country Victorians, particularly those who can least afford it.

Mr Walsh said this new tax is one of eleven that has already been announced or implemented by Daniel Andrews despite the fact that on election eve he promised no new taxes.

“Country Victorians should not pay for the Premier’s complete stuff up of taxi policy in Melbourne and metropolitan areas.”



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