Budget Blowout

9 November 2015


Dear Editor,


It has taken Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas less than a year to blow the budget and put Victoria into deficit.

Confirmation came from the Auditor General last week who belled the cat on Labor’s attempt to prop up its budget with federal East West Link funds - a blatant stunt which we have unfortunately come to expect from this financially-flawed side of politics.

The 2014-15 Annual Financial Report shows that Daniel Andrews has not only driven Victoria into deficit, but has increased debt by $1.1 billion.

Under Labor, Victoria is seeing a budget deficit for the first time in over 20 years while debt is increasing, thousands of full time jobs are being lost and local and state-wide roads are falling into disrepair.

Once again Victoria will be left in a financial mess thanks to a Labor government.

Yours sincerely



Peter Walsh  MP

Member for Murray Plains

Leader of The Nationals

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