Activists or not – break the law, face the consequences

Monday 8 April 2019


Victorian farmers should be able to go to work without fear of harassment, intimidation or threats against them, their family or their business.

It’s gutting to see our farmers relentlessly targeted by extreme activists hell-bent on destroying Victoria’s agriculture sector.

Yesterday, constant attacks from extreme activists forced Yarragon’s beloved Gippy Goat Café to close, leaving eight people out of work.

Today, Melbourne’s CBD was brought to a standstill, causing chaos in peak hour, because a group of extreme activists think they’re above the law.

For months farmers and their family have felt unsafe in their own homes since their addresses were mass published online, making them the target of extreme activists.

Activists trespassing on farms and stealing livestock are breaking the law.

If current Victorian laws aren’t protecting our farmers and the integrity of Victoria’s biosecurity they must be strengthened.

The Liberal Nationals stand side-by-side with our farmers and agriculture sector. We recently introduced a motion to State Parliament calling for a parliamentary inquiry to strengthen our state’s farm trespass laws and defend farmers’ rights.

Despite constant attacks against farmers and farm businesses, Labor’s Agriculture Minister has been silent on if the Andrews Government will support the motion to pass Parliament.

Our farmers make a crucial contribution to our state, making sure Victorian families have food on the table and by supporting strong regional economies. They deserve our full support.

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