Monday 30th October 2017

A Liberal Nationals Government will initiate a Royal Commission into Fire Services in Victoria.

Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said a Royal Commission which is completely independent of government will take the politics out of the bitter dispute over Victoria’s Fire Services

It’s time that Victoria stood up to protect those who protect us,” Mr Walsh said.

“Absolute deception and duplicitous action has been occurring in the Fire Services, and this state is poorer because of it.

“After years of ongoing intimidation, threats, bullying and alleged inappropriate behavior, it is time to reset and ensure the fire services are focused on community safety.”

Mr Walsh said there was serious concern across his electorate that Daniel Andrews had politicised Victoria’s fire services.

 “The ongoing dispute over the CFA and the MFB’s enterprise bargaining agreements led to concerns about operational effectiveness.

The board and senior management of the CFA expressed those concerns and they were sent packing because they did not agree with Daniel Andrews.

“Mr Walsh said the implications the EBA has on community safety, and the process and conduct of these negotiations will be a key area of investigation by the Royal Commission.

“It will critically examine the issues our fire services are facing and come up with evidence based solutions.” 

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