Port of Melbourne Infrastructure Regional and Rural Development

Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port Of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Billl 2015

24 June 2015 Second reading Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — I join the debate on the sale of the port lease bill. It is intriguing to follow...

Education Local Issues

Echuca Education Hub

25 June 2015 Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — The adjournment matter I raise is for the Minister for Education. It refers to the proposed Echuca schools regeneration...

Regional and Rural Victoria Regional and Rural Development

Grievances - Government Performance

10 June 2015 Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — I rise to join the grievance debate. I grieve for all Victorians, but I particularly grieve for country Victorians....

History Parliament

Condolences Hon John Hamilton Simson

10 June 2015 Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — I rise also to speak on the condolence motion for John Hamilton Simpson. I congratulate the current member for...


Condolences, Hon. Joan Elizabeth Kirner, AC

9 June 2015 Mr WALSH (Murray Plains) — I also join the condolence motion for Joan Kirner. A lot has been said about her career, and a...

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